SINCE 1987

Total solution for Signage System

체계적인 사인시스템을 위한 기획 및 디자인 개발능력과 다년간의 경험과 노하우를 통한 기술력, 공정별 최신시설 및 특수장비 보유를 통해
디자인 기획 부터 제작 설치 까지 가능한 사인시스템의 Total Solution을 제공하고 있습니다.

It is our ambition to fulfill our client's’ request. We work with skilled teams,
which allows us to plan, design, manufacture, and install the best quality of signage systems.
We provide the best quality of signage with the strong technical competency and the latest manufacturing equipment.

What we do

Design Plan
Signage System Development
Information Design
Frame Design
Location Plan
Detailed Design
Signage Variation + Detail
Designing work for manufacturing
Technology Development
Manufacture + Installation
Production of Signage
Installation + Construction
Make to order
shopping center / commercial complex 100%
hotel & resort / museum / office 100%
public space / hospital 100%

Total Solution Provider for Sign System - We have a wide range of experience in sign system including government institutions, hospitals, hotels, and department stores. We deliver our client a tailored solution to help improve visual communication.


Kukkwang plan, the best known company in Korea, is realizing the different sign system among others.
We are able to design, manufacture and install any signs through excellent technical skills, equipments and know-how.

  • 2020
    디자인 전문 법인설립
    Established design company
  • 2015
    종합디자인 전문 회사 (시각,제품,환경) 등록(KIDP)
    Registered Synthesized (Visual,Product,Public) Design Company (KIDP)
  • 2011
    기업부설연구소 (Design R&D Center) 인증
    Established Design R&D center
  • 2010
    우수디자인 전문 회사 선정(지식경제부, 한국디자인진흥원)
    Selected as an excellent design company by Ministry of Knowledge Economy, KIDP
  • 2010
    벤처기업 인증
    Obtained the Venture company certification
  • 2010
    자본금 증자 및 전문건설업 등록
    Completed the capital increase and registered as the specialized construction company
  • 2008
    산업디자인 전문 회사 등록 (한국디자인진흥원)
    Registered as Industrial Design Company (KIDP)
  • 2008
    기술혁신형 중소기업 (INNO-BIZ) 인증(서울지방중소기업청)
    Acquired INNO-BIZ (Technically Innovative Small Business) Certification from Small and Medium Business Administration
  • 2003
    광주지사 개설 및 공장등록
    Opened Gwangju branch and registered manufacturing plant
  • 2000
    ISO9001 인증
    Obtained the ISO 9001 Certification
  • 1995
    주)국광플랜 법인설립
    Established Kukkwang Plan Co., Ltd.
  • 1987
    국광애드플랜 설립
    Foundation Kukkwang Ad Plan

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